November 19, 1925

Local Men to Raise Muskrats

The First Rat Farm in Wisconsin

A muskrat farm, the only one of its kind in Wisconsin, has been started just outside the city limits on route 22. The owners, Earl Fabricius and Nels Holmes of this city, have already secured their license from the Wisconsin Conservation Commission to operate the "Muskrat Fur Farm" as the name appears in the license. Work of fencing the tract, which includes nearly 25 acres, has been completed. The fence, which is constructed of one-inch mesh wire netting is set about a foot underground, with five feet above ground.

The land with its small lakes and ponds is ideal for the purpose and a stock of muskrats, estimated at nearly one hundred are already safely entrenched within the enclosure. An importation of exceptionally fine stock will be added next season, which together with the local increase should show a profit after the first year or two. Muskrats are strict vegetarians, living on root vegetables of all kinds, and the local farm will supply a large amount of this food, as there are several acres of productive high land included in the tract.

In several sections of Canada the raising of muskrats is being carried on at a big profit and there are also a few muskrat farms in Michigan, but as stated above, the Waupaca enterprise is the first one for this state.