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                                                                      THE WAUPACA POST

                                                                    Thursday, August 18, 1904


                                                                          Our Beautiful Lakes



     This is the most beautiful season of the year at the Chain o’ Lakes.  The woods and fields about the lakes are beginning to take on their rich autumn hues, and leaves and foliage are tinged with yellow and crimson.  There is no spot in all the world upon which all the glories of Nature are more lavishly bestowed than the Chain o’ Lakes.  There is nothing of Nature in her wild and capricious moods, but for the lover of quiet, restful beauty, for the tired toiler who seeks solace close to Nature’s heart, the lakes are an absolutely ideal resort.

     The name Waupaca is an Indian word, meaning “tomorrow.”  Legend says - and probably truly - that the Red man applied the name to the lake region because he was so enchanted with their beauties that he kept putting off until the next day his departure for other regions. And that is just what scores of resorters do every year.  The lakes are beautiful in early summer, but as the summer advances and the first russet signs of Indian Summer appear, their charm increases and they are at their best.

     That the popularity of the Chain o’ Lakes is constantly increasing is proven by the new cottages which are being built each season, as much as by the fact that while the attendance at all the summer resorts of the state has been smaller than usual on account of the St. Louis fair, the Chain o’ Lakes have been less affected by the counter attraction than the other Wisconsin resorts.